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Search for sushi ingredients, read our sushi recipe to learn how to make sushi, buy all kinds of products such as sushi kits knife books or cooking supplies. Our sushi chart is a comprehensive list of popular sushi rolls found in most sushi menus, a list that can be customizably sorted.

For Sushi Newbies

Sushi is NOT always raw fish.
Any peice of fish, or other ingredient, can be placed on top of a ball of rice and called "sushi". The word sushi actually means "vinegared rice with seafood". There are many types of seafood and fish that are cooked before being prepared as sushi: Crab, shrimp, octopos, eel, and tamago.

Sushi Etiquette
It is perfectly acceptable to eat sushi with your fingers instead of chopsticks. But you should only choose one or the other. Eating sushi with something else, such as a fork, is considered bad manners. And if you are to eat sushi with your fingers, you should try to only use one hand, such as the custom of not having one hand, elbow, or arm on the table while you use your other to eat your food.

Avoid Alcohol
There is a type of bacteria in your stomach and intestines that breaks down raw food and helps to prevent you from getting sick from eating raw food. This type of bacteria is temporarily killed off and useless when you consume alcohol, especially large amounts of alcohol. It is probably safe to drink one or two beers or a glass of wine during, before, or after eating raw fish. But I'd suggest limiting yourself.

Mercury Poisoning
There are many rumors and myths out there that you can get mercury poisoning from eating too much raw fish or seafood. Yes, tuna does have some of the highest levels of mercury out of all of the types of fish. However, keep this statistic in mind: There has never ever been a single case of mercury poisoning/toxicity in the USA that has been attributed to the normal consumption of seafood. Unless you are choosing to eat a large amount of tuna for every single meal of the day for weeks, you have nothing to worry about.

Try again
Don't let one bad experience ruin you. Out of all of the sushi restaraunts, hole in the walls, and buffets I have eaten sushi at over the years, I'd say about half of those were terrible and only about 10% of them were really good. If the first time I ate sushi was at one of those terrible places, I may have never tried sushi again.

I personally judge every sushi place based on two things: their California roll and their raw Salmon (I order a single order of Salmon Nigiri, a peice of raw salmon on top of a ball of rice). Based on if the rice is dry (old?), the cucumber is crisp (freshness?) the crab meat or seafood mix tastes fresh (freezer burn?), the salmon has the right color and texture (is it too pink from chemically curing it?)... if all those things pass then odds are everything else they have should be somewhere between edible and delicious. A california roll and salmon nigiri should cost around $10 total.